Brief Summary

Family Man | Christian | Musical Mad Scientist | Award Winning Composer trying to use my talents for good.

Todd Edward Schoeneman is Film Composer and to-date is most known for his work on the children’s series Hey Wembley!

“I want my music to send listeners on a journey. One they might like to revisit from time to time” 

He has completed a number of original works from singer/songwriter, to production house/library music, feature film mockups (The Peacemakers, Post-Earthquake), animated and children’s series productions (Park’s Creek, Hey Wembley!) and has over 20 years of professional experience in the music industry.

“I like to shut the world off, let my left brain go completely offline and get lost in the world and magic of creation.”

I would encourage anyone interested, to visit the home page and take a listen to some of his latest material and you’ll understand the depth and versatility Todd has a modern day film composer.

“I have always sought to do meaningful work that has value and gravitas to someone outside of the self.”

For hiring information or other inquires, please contact us directly at: todd@schoenemanmusic.com