March 2019 – Talitha Koum! A trailer track with middle eastern instrumentation is now available for licensing on POND5 and available for download/streaming from most digital stores and providers.

March 2019 – Todd has signed on for the first seasons of a new series entitled “Hey Wembley!”  We’ll be following the adventures of Wembley, a yellow muppet-type of character experiencing with him the light hearted moments and the emotional trials along the way.  “Hey Wembley!” is a positive show with lessons for children of all ages.

September 2019 – The first season of Hey Wembley! has been finished. The official release date is set for October 15th, 2019

The Hey Wembley! Trailer has arrived.  Premieres October 15th, it’s gonna be wam-bam-fantastic!

“Hey Wembley! Episode 001 – Enchanted” hits youtube with mixed reactions from the crew including Composer Todd Edward Schoeneman Oct 17th, 2019

“Spirit of the Navi” now available on iTunes, Spotify and all major streaming services, Nov 11th, 2019

“Gypsy Ride” release announced, Nov 11th, 2019

Tell Me a Tale:  Music From the Cutting Room Floor (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) was released, Dec 23rd, 2019