“Todd did a fantastic, fantastic job” – Eddie Eniel, Executive Producer, Writer/Creator, Director “Attraction Man”, 2020

“Gold Star… Perfection” – Sean P. Terry, Owner, Author & Creator at Intelligen Comics, 2020

“The “sound” of the show was perfectly executed.  You captured the heart of each scene perfectly” – Todd Wilson, Creator & Director, “Hey Wembley!”, 2019

“We were very impressed by your work!” – Elliot & Amy Wallis, Upwall Pictures, 2018

“Your piece (of music) is amazing!  It reminds me of Spielberg’s family films” – Svyatoslav Nitikin, Director/Executive Producer, 2018 (The Peacemakers)

“(Todd is an artist with) a wide range of talent”Taylor Dall CEO and A&R of DallRae Music, 2017

“Instrumentals depend on unique story-telling methods to convey their message without the use of words and it takes a master hand like Todd Edward Schoeneman to do it well” – The Akademia, January 2016

“Todd is reliable, dedicated and talented artist.  His ability to be flexible in many music styles makes him a remarkable partner. He is a hardworking professional and I’ve greatly enjoyed working with Todd and heartily recommend him.” – Dimitris Pappas, 2017, Director, Producer, Screenwriter

Todd is a great musician, I strongly believe that he can contribute substantially to the world of music and can delight the world with his wonderful music.”-  Chandramohan Raman Pillai, 2018, Art of Music Production Berklee Online (powered by Coursera)

“Todd is a very social and communicative person giving fast and professional solutions in music scoring. Great as a team member with excellent music understanding and focused on what the customer needs.” – Dimitrios Koulouridis, 2017, Audiovisual Designer

“Todd E. Schoeneman is my first choice when it comes to film scoring or musical composition. Todd has an uncanny musical talent to match any style or emotion and is skilled in everything from writing, composing and mixing to producing! I contacted Todd to fully produce a theme song for a project and he over-delivered on every aspect! I would highly recommend Todd to anyone in need of a musician, composer or producer.”  Matt Sharland, 2017, Executive Producer & VFX artist

“He writes and arranges some of the most intriguing pieces of any of my clients. His talent for sound creation is second to none.”   – Chris Slater, 2016, Audio & Mastering Engineer

“A unique sound with a huge personal introspective in the writing and songs” –Sam McClain on the Just Talking With Sam Show – 4/7/2015