Production: “Attraction Man” a film by Eddie Eniel, Firecreek Entertainment and Eagle Focus Media, 2020
Film Genre: Action
Primary Music Genre: Orchestral/Synth

Production: Amazonia “The Cradle of Life” IHR Film Studio
Film Genre: Nature Documentary
Primary Music Genre: Orchestral/World with elements of Latin & Synth.

Production: “The Bar” Intelligen Comics, 2020
Film Genre: Digital Motion Comic
Primary Genre: Orchestral

Production: “Machine”, Metapop, 2019
Film Genre: Animation
Primary Genre: Orchestral/Synth

Production: “Hey Wembley, Season One” Ladale Studios, 2019
Film Genre: Children’s Educational (live-action, sketch comedy, animation and puppetry)
Primary Genre: Orchestral, Funk, Jazz & Folk

“The Super Friends” – Hey Wembley! S0102, Ladale Studios, 2019

Production: “The Peacemakers” Sininc Films, 2018
Film Genre: Sci-fi, Action
Primary Genre: Orchestral